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Formerly known as "BACK IN BLACK", the roots of this band started back in 1988. The THUNDERSTRUCK name change came about around 1995 due to legalities with the name "BACK IN BLACK", (copyright issues with the bands former management).
Through the years there has been several comings and goings with band members, Rohan Moran, (original member of "BACK IN BLACK"), along with Steve Mitchelmore are the only original THUNDERSTRUCK members in the current line - up.
After near on 10 years with "Dirty Deeds" (the opposition AC/DC tribute) Dave Ross crossed over to THUNDERSTRUCK in 2000.
Danny Borthwick has returned to the band fulltime on Rhythm Guitar, since Simon Croft left for the U.K..
With Danny, Steve and Dave you have the most experienced and strongest rhythm sections in any of the AC/DC tributes going around. Their knowledge of the music/songs and their longevity as a unit shines through in every show.
That, along with the experience, talent and showmanship of Lead Vocalist Brendan Vernal, gives this band one hell of a headstart on any AC/DC tribute.
Rohan returns to THUNDERSTRUCK after a 2 year stint with "Dirty Deeds". Rohan Moran nails every Angus Young solo with such passion, while crazily running all over the stage, ala Angus Young
Simon has returned (16th Feb 2009) to the U.K. for a long stint (again) with QUEEN's "WE WILL ROCK YOU" show. Simon is, of course, Brian May's (QUEEN) choice of guitarist for the 'WWRY' shows in the South Pacific region and now in the U.K. & Europe.
Former Thunderstruck & Rock 'n' Roll Outlaw (w/ BJ) Bassist, Tony Zita, and also Davo "Geezer" Butler, have joined the boys to fill in for Dave when required.  
THUNDERSTRUCK give you the full spectacle, so you not only have a great musical tribute, but a fully fledged show that will leave you feeling as if you have just witnessed AC/DC themselves.

The Band:
B.J. Vernal - Lead Vocals
Rohan Moran - Lead Guitar
Dave Ross - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Danny Borthwick - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals
Steve Mitchelmore - Drums

Individual Bio's


Dave Ross - Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals:

Most recent: The Falconz (originals);


Previous: Dirty Deeds (AC/DC);

On The Rocks; Blackheath;

Submission (all originals).










Steve Mitchelmore - Drums:

Current: Thunderstruck;

D.T. (Classic & Aussie Rock Show)

Previous: Back In Black;

S.A.S. (originals).


B.J. Vernal - Lead Vocals:

Current: THUNDERSTRUCK; DARK ROOM (Angels/Angel City Tribute); D.T. (Classic & Aussie Rock Show).

Most recent: DARK ROOM – The Angels tribute show; Rock ’n’ Roll Outlaw (Aussie classics); Elvis & The Blue Moon Boys (drums).

Previous: Bad Influence; Down The Line; Hard Cover.

On The Rocks; Blackheath (both originals).




Rohan Moran - Lead Guitar: THUNDERSTRUCK; DARK ROOM; D.T. (Aussie & Classic Rock Show).
Most Recent: DIRTY DEEDS.
Previous: BACK IN BLACK.

Danny Borthwick - Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals:

Current: Thunderstruck; Dark Room;

D.T. (Classic & Aussie Rock Show);



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